Moorea and Huahine

The Society Islands have a few more surprises in store for me. First, a less pleasant one, because my crossing from Tahiti to Moorea – actually not far – was super unpleasant. It almost reminded me a bit of the Baltic Sea in autumn. Unpleasant wave 🌊, grey sky, and wind 🌬️ from the wrong direction, of course. 🤷
I was very happy when I passed the reef and arrived at the anchorage ‘Cooks Bay’ after anchor ⚓ was dropped. However, I liked the island itself very much. I was in the anchorage ‘Cooks Bay’ and I think it is really beautiful.

I also met some friends again. The crew of the Wavedancer came into the bay a while after me. I was with them for a while in the Tuamotus before I left for Thailand. It was a great pleasure to meet them again.
However, I only stayed a few days because I want to go on to the Leeward Islands (ISLV).
The crossing from Moorea to Huahine (approx. 90 m) was a bit more like sailing in the South Pacific and was very pleasant. Still, there were some squalls and the wind was constantly shifting. However, I was able to sail well with all the “turns”, so no reason to complain 🤙😃.

I also find the island of Huahine super beautiful and here I also met friends again straight away. Two for me well-known German boats are anchored in the bay off Fare (the island’s main settlement). One is from Uwe, who is on the trip with his cat Jabulo, and Daniel with an HR29 (like Maya, a classic boat from Sweden). I have known both of them for a while. We have already met in the Caribbean and have also met again in Panama and Ecuador respectively. I find it exciting when you always arrive in new areas and yet always meet old acquaintances.