We are often asked what we eat when we are on the sea for several days or even weeks. Astronaut food? Power bars? Ready meals?

No, even if we have some things on board that you can prepare quickly if it’s really uncomfortable, we cook very normally on board. We also like to buy fresh food from local producers. If fruit and vegetables are not cooled in the first place, then you can store them on board relatively well without cooling. Cooking is then almost like at home – almost because we sometimes make a few concessions regarding the number of ingredients and preparation. In addition, canned food also plays a bigger role and we also pay attention to well-preserved foods (e.g. cabbage, potatoes, and onions).

Of course, there are also many sweets like chocolate and lots of biscuits (especially for long night watches).

On our trip from Cape Verde to the Caribbean our favourite dishes were :

  • Pancakes
  • Noodles with different sauces
  • Sandwiches (we found in Spain very tasty, long-lasting bread, also tortillas are long lasting and very tasty. So far we have only rarely baked on board ourselves.)
  • Again and again different soups

We also had asparagus, lentil stew, mashed potatoes, salads, fried eggs, rice, rice pudding, cornflakes, muesli, fruit salad with yoghurt and a lot more on our menu. We believe that good food is important for the morale of the crew.

In various countries, we always try to taste something of the local cuisine. This has proved to be very beneficial and we have discovered some new dishes, spices or variations of dishes.

For the preparation, we use a two-flame spirit stove (Origo 3000). We are very satisfied with this and have been able to get the spirit everywhere without any problems. It’s a pity that the stove is no longer available everywhere.