Actually, I’m not sure what to write about the crossing. It was my longest solo-sailing passage so far. The sailed distance from Riatea to Fiji was about 1850nm (3400km) and it took me about 16 days – not counting the crossing of the international date line. That was a longer time at sea then my Atlantic crossing (about 2000nm in 14 1/2 days) but with 5-6 days with very low or no wind it’s not really a surprise. Some other days, however, presented serious blowing and crazy waves. Overall it was a quite mixed package.

Finally, I was very happy to arrive safely at Vuda Marina in Fiji. I’m happy to have a strong boat like Maya that is capable of such offshore adventures. The weakest part is probably the crew 😆.

The welcoming was wonderful. It was the first marina where I was welcomed with flowers, guitar, and singing. I am looking forward to my time here in Fiji.