My time in Taihoae on Nuku Hiva was longer than planned. Mainly because I had to wait a very long time for the replacement gearbox from Germany. UPS “Express” did not live up to its name and the delivery took forever. The procurement of spare parts has never been as complicated and protracted in any country as it is here in French Polynesia. The restrictions on the connection because of Conora made the matter even more of a test of nerves. In the end, however, everything arrived and the boat and the engine are running perfectly again! My new dinghy has also arrived! It is a ZAR Mini and it is really a pleasure to use it. As a cruising sailor, a good dinghy is very important because it is the daily means of transport at the anchorage, so to speak.

I already wrote in my last article that Nuku Hiva is a beautiful island. This impression has not changed. Before I left Nuku Hiva for the Tuamotus, I spent some time in Anaho Bay on the other side of the island. Anaho is ideal for relaxing. It is very quiet there and there are only a few houses. I only went back to Taiohae for a short while to get my 2nd Corona vaccination.
The crossing from Nuku Hiva (Marquesas) to Rairoa (Tuamotus) was incredibly beautiful. Maybe the most relaxed passage I’ve had so far. No sailing manoeuvres for 4 days. Set sail and let it run. Just readjusting the wind vane now and then and enjoying the ride. Even the arrival in Rairoa was great. Not only did I meet friends (SY Muffet) right at the entrance. No, the timing at the pass was also perfect! That’s the way how makes sailing fun!