We have been on Nuku Hiva for a while already. It is the largest and most populated Marquesas island. The Polynesians call the island “Te Fenua Enata” which means “the land of men”. Taiohae is the main settlement on the island and there is quite some infrastructure available including 4G internet, hospital, post office, bank, some restaurants and various shops. There is also a very big tiki (Tuhiva) built on a hill at the edge of the bay, which is a nice meeting place with a beautiful view of the village and the bay. Yana also regularly goes to dance and learns traditional Polynesian choreography.

There are many sailors anchored in the bay off Taiohae. At the moment about 50 boats, but is happens that here are 100 or more boats at the same time. Perhaps also worth mentioning is the dinghy dock (Petit Quai), where the sharks always have a party when the fishermen come back with their catch and throw the leftovers to them. Its crazy how the sharks fight for the leftovers!

Besides Taiohae, there are several other very nice anchorages around Nuku Hiva, but there is no internet there. As we are currently dependent on regular internet access for various reasons, hence, we can’t spend as much time in these bays as we would like. Nevertheless, we always try to explore the island. Once we even went on an island tour with an off-road vehicle. The island has a lot to offer and there are many great bays and landscapes. Aakapa, Taipivai and Hatiheu are also very nice little settlements that are very idyllic and worth seeing, also there are many waterfalls, but also desert. The island is generally very varied and beautiful.

We will probably stay on the island for some more time.