After leaving Las Palmas we were first in the Marina Pasito Blanco (not far from the tourism hotspot Maspalomas) and then in Puerto de Mogan. Finally we arrived at a place where you should hide from the sun.

A little bit simplified you could say that our stay in Gran Canaria was basically influenced by 2 things:

  1. Finally we can enjoy really nice and warm weather.
  2. Last preparations on our boat for our first big passage.

Since the work on the boat unfortunately took a little longer than planned and we could not stay in Las Palmas (as originally planned), it took a little more time than we would have wished. It was also necessary for us to drive across the island to Las Palmas in a rental car in order to do some shopping, because there are not so many shops “in the south of the island” – apart from the things for the “daily needs of tourists”

On the other hand there are of course very nice beaches in this area and especially Puerto de Mogan has been quite interesting for us (although it is also very touristy). It is very nice there and we enjoyed the atmosphere of the place.

From Pasito Blanco we also made a short trip to Maspalomas. It is quite a big tourist center and very noisy – usually not our cup of tea. But if you want party and beach it might be a good place for you.