Being on a long voyage by boat is different from sailing on holiday. For us it means that we also work on board. This is not quite like working from home. The advantage is that you are freer. This gives me the feeling that I can work very efficiently and creatively. A disadvantage is that you always have to make an effort to use the internet. In many countries the mobile internet is better than in Germany, but not everywhere. Therefore, depending on the area, it takes different efforts to find suitable infrastructure. Sometimes we spent less time in some places than we would have liked to stay because we had no or bad access to the internet (San Blas or Gambier are examples). In this respect, the work actually influences our travel planning.

At this point I would also like to present one of the results of the work on board. The book “Digital Project Practice” was written during our trip. I took about a year from the idea to the publication of the book. It was a heart project of mine and it was a lot of fun to work with all co-authors in different countries. I think that the result is definitely worth reading and I hope that it will be helpful and stimulating for many readers