Information about Najad 34 sailing yacht

Our Maya is a Najad 34 with center cockpit. We bought this boat because it is especially well suited for blue water sailing and has a very stable construction. The Najad 34 is the first model of the Swedish shipyard Najadvarvet AB, which is based in Henån on the island of Orust. The boat is designed as a sloop and was built both with a centre cockpit and (more rarely) a stern cockpit. The variant with the aft cockpit usually has only one cabin, but the salon is much larger.

Najad 34 Yacht - Sailing Boat in Marina Mindelo
Najad 34 in Mindelo Marina (Cabo Verde)

Besides the Najad 34, the designer Ole Enderlein has also designed the Hallberg-Rassy classics, Mistral, Mistress 32, Rasmus 35, Monsun 31, 26, 312, 352, 38, 382, 41, 42, 45 49, the Shipman 28 and the Nord 80. Particularly the Rassmus 35, which was designed about 7 years before the Najad 34, has many similarities. You could almost say that the Najad 34 is a kind of “revised and improved” Rassmus 35.

Technical Specification Najad 34

L.O.A 10.30 m / 10.45 m
L.W.L. 8.4 m
Beam 3,1 m
Draught 1.6 m
Displacement 6 t
Ballast 2,5 t
Sail area approx. 50 m²
Original engine: Volvo Penta MD-17C with 36 PS (our engine Solé Mini 33)
Fuel tank 150 l
Water 220 l
Design & Construction O. Enderlein
Years of production 1972 -1981

Najad 34 Yacht - Sailing boat side view
Najad 34 – View from side with lateral plan

Our (preliminary) conclusion about the boat

As a conclusion, I can probably say that we are very satisfied with this boat so far and the sailing characteristics, even on long offshore trips, are always a pleasure. However, we have to admit that “living comfort” requires some compromises compared to modern boats or catamarans. Nevertheless, we think that this boat is ideal as an entry-level blue water sailing boat.

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  • Patrick
    Sep 25, 2020., 16:24 • Reply

    Hi , I am about to purchase a 1974 najad 34. Can you inform if the ballast is lead or steel please? Also, how and where did you install your windlass.....does 80 m chain fit in the little locker at the bow? Not too heavy? What are the weak points of the boat? Fair winds, be safe and nice blog Patrick

    • Tobias
      Sep 26, 2020., 22:17 • Reply

      Hi Patrick, I honestly don't know if the ballast is lead or steel, but we feel that the righting moment is sufficient and we feel safe. 80m chain fits in the locker (I don't think its little). We have 80m of 8mm chain and there is still plenty of room. It is more the question of how much weight do you want in the front of the boat? We think more weight would be possible but very likely that it would reduce the performance of the boat. The boat is very well built and we are not really aware of any particular weak points, beside that the "living space" within the boat is smaller than that in modern boats of similar size. In general, we are very happy with the boat, in particular, with the sailing performance and construction quality. Kind regards, Tobias

  • Lisa O'Neill
    Mar 16, 2023., 11:43 • Reply

    Hi Tobias, I hope you are well and what a trip! I am looking at buying a Najad 34 and found the below advert on Blocket. Really interesting that they are using the same wording as you to describe the boat- I don't think it is your boat? Do you know the person? Thankyou!