Curaçao – an amazingly colourful and vivid place!

We spent on Curaçao a little more than 2 months now. The main reason for this long stay is because we got visitors from home. It was great to see friends again and to discover the island with them together. We hope that they enjoyed the time here as we did!

Our new dinghy arrived!

Another reason is that we had to wait for our new dinghy! We love the new more comfortable experience of getting to the boat! On the pictures you can see the difference to our old “rubber duck”. Still, it was again not delivered as quick as expected. It took a little longer as expected in the factory (maybe because we wanted Hypalon material, that lasts longer than “normal” PVC), but only a few days. The really weird story starts when it was handed over to the shipping agent who holds it for several days without any comprehensible reason until it was handed over to the express service. Then it was crazy how the parcel circled in the network of the express service. E.g. in China it got the tracking status “We were unable to load the package on the plane as scheduled. / Delivery will be rescheduled”, when it was finally sent it was routed via Japan with 4 stops in the US (Alaska, Louisville, Orlando, and Miami) to Bogota, then from Bogota back to Miami, and to Bogota again. Then it was sent to Curacao (hurray!!) – but then sent to Haiti (noooo! why?), and again to Miami and Louisville, again Miami…. back to Bogota and made it finally to Curaçao (again). Due to the misrouting, it passed Miami 4 times and was already 3 times in Bogota! It feels like our new dinghy travelled already more than we did!

What we really liked about Curaçao

One of the main attractions on Curacao is probably the beach experience, swimming and snorkelling. It was really great to discover the tug boat wreck, snorkel along at the corals, and to swim with the sea turtles. There are many nice places on the shoreline of Curaçao. Most of them are not crowded and invite you to relax and enjoy the day.

We also had a chance to see some of the national parks of Curaçao. We visited the Shete Boka and Christoffel Park. It was great to climb up the Mount Christoffel and to enjoy the great view from there. Even though, it is only 375m high you will sweat a lot when you climb up there!

Of course, there are nice beaches and interesting nature on Curacao, but the people make the difference on the island and bring the colours. It was great to meet people like Gio Zanolino, Omar Sling or Etherson. They make art happen and Curacao to an amazingly colourful and vivid place. Also, festivals like Kaya Kaya make it easy to experience art and attitude towards life. There is no doubt that we will keep the colours of Curaçao in good memory.