My first trip with Maya after the long break was from Apataki to Rangiroa. A nice overnight sail (approx. 90nm). It feels good to be back on the water ☺️🏝️⛵
I chose Rangiroa because it is not only relatively conveniently located on my way (I want to slowly head towards Tahiti), but also because there is a very beautiful underwater world and it is very popular for diving. I, therefore, rowed ashore in a kayak as soon as I arrived and arranged a few dives. The Tiputa Pass – one of two passes that allow entry into the atoll – is particularly popular for diving. It’s not far from the village and all the dive schools seem to regard it as their home turf. However, there are many other beautiful spots on the island. Not far from the pass, for example, is the so-called ‘Aquarium’, which is very good not only for diving but especially for snorkeling, where you can see many colourful schools of fish.

On the other side of the atoll, there is the Blue Lagoon. Also a nice place – but I can only report from hearsay because there is no internet connection there and at that time I was dependent on regular internet contact. Overall, I liked Rangiroa very much. It is a nice combination of a slightly sleepy Tuamotus island with some tourists, especially for diving, some young people come here, which makes the island a bit livelier. Nevertheless, there are no big hotel castles or anything like that. So it remains relatively relaxed with a good atmosphere.