From Rangiroa, I sailed directly to Tahiti and docked at the Papeete Marina. This is very conveniently located in the town center. There is a lot for me to do and prepare. Therefore, there was not much time in Papeete to explore the island or do other idle things, but rather to prepare the boat for the onward journey, and of course, I also have to work remotely. If I hadn’t taken a “half-day off” on Sunday to go hiking, I probably wouldn’t have seen much of the island’s inner parts. I’ve been here in Tahiti since Tuesday and haven’t seen much apart from the marina, workshops, and various nautic shops. Tomorrow (Tuesday again) I’m supposed to continue my trip. I have experienced practically nothing of the nightlife in Tahiti (which does exist – in particular on the weekends).
Although it feels very good to be back on the boat in the South Pacific, it’s a different feeling from when I was sailing full-time. I have to be back in Bangkok in the foreseeable future and have quite a distance to cover before then. This means that I always have to make sure I stay on schedule, and the ease of just staying longer in one place because you like it (or you want to fix something without time pressure) is not possible.

Tahiti, and Papeete in particular, is very different from any other island in French Polynesia. Downtown Papeete is very busy and there is always a lot of traffic during the day. Unlike the other islands, however, there are plenty of shops, restaurants, and all kinds of other infrastructure here. Unfortunately, there are also civilisation problems and crime. Outside Papeete, things are a bit more relaxed. If you just walk a bit, you can quickly escape the hustle and bustle and noise of the city and also discover very beautiful nature. The island is very green, densely overgrown on the inside and there are also a few waterfalls. Ideal for taking a few walks and enjoying the landscape.