La Línea de la Concepción

Actually, we just planned to stay here for a few days to fix some things. Planned… But the time we spent in La Linea was much longer than planned. Some things take longer than you think. At the end we were here for more than a month. However, we were not idle during this time. We also had to wait several times for spare parts, but we also did a lot of things during this time. So we have now (finally!) a functioning windvane steering system (=a mechanical autopilot) and we have also installed our watermaker (a small seawater desalination unit) and many many more or less small things adjusted. Not least thanks to the great support of our pontoon neighbours (with “good advice and action”) we got some things done properly.

La Linea itself is a nice town and has a lot to offer. The local marina “Alcaidesa” is located directly on the border to Gibraltar. So is was clear that we have make some trips to Gibraltar. It is an interesting place. However, in Gibraltar town we found it quite busy and noisy. It is construction going on everywhere and there is also a lot of traffic (although it is actually a relatively small town). Nevertheless there are some nice locations to see and the “Mediterranean Steps”, which lead up to the “Rock” and to the monkeys, are to be recommended in any case!

Although we actually liked this area quite a lot, we were quite happy when we could finally start to our passage to the Canary Islands.