Tyrell Bay on Carriacou

Carriacou is one of the Grenadine Islands. Unlike most Grenadines which belong to St. Vincent, Carriacou is part of Grenada.
We stayed in the Tyrell Bay on Carriacou and we liked it very much. It seems like it was made for sailors. It is a very well protected anchor bay and there are a lot of boats here. But the bay is also big, so that you can find a spot most of the time. The island is small and the infrastructure is not too extensive. However, there is actually everything what one needs. Shops for groceries, restaurants & bars, a sailmaker and small chandlery are directly in Tyrell Bay. Also customs and immigration have an office here. Everything is quite comfortable.

However, the internet was relatively bad and if you wanted to do something on the internet it took a long time. Better you go right into a cafe with WiFi.
Beside the Tyrell Bay the island offers further beautiful beaches. For example we made a trip to the “Paradise Beach”. We found that the name was quite appropriate: white sand, clear blue water and a great view to Sandy Island (a nice little island and also a great anchorage for yachts).

At Paradise Beach was also the annual “Maroon Festival”. We were a little surprised to get into so much hustle and bustle on such a sleepy island and had a lot of fun with the demonstrations and the culinary offer. The festival also celebrates the “African roots” of the Caribbean.

We also made a trip to Hillburough, the capital of the island. There are more shops here than in Tyrell Bay. For example there is a post office and a fish market.
Thumbs up for Carriacou! We would like to come here again!