Bonaire, the “B” of the “ABC Islands”, is part of the Dutch Antilles. The island is relatively lightly populated and in large parts nature reserve. There are still many intact coral reefs and the island is very popular among divers and for snorkeling. Therefore there is an anchor ban for the whole island. However it has many moorings that can be used. Some of these moorings can be rented (via the Harbor Village Marina) and some can be used for a maximum of 2 hours – but free of charge. This is ideal for short trips or stops for snorkeling (or diving).

The island itself can perhaps be described with 3 different distinct areas. The south is dominated by salt works. There are big lakes with which salt is extracted from sea water. In this area you will also find many flamingos and some free living donkeys, as well as beautiful beaches for kite surfing and windsurfing.

On the north side of the island there is a nature park (Washington-Slagbaai-Nationalpark), also in this area there are also many flamingos and in addition many (partly especially protected) parrot species e.g. also yellow-shouldered amazon (Amazona barbadensis).

About in the middle of the island is Kralendijk, the capital of the island. Here is also a well protected mooring field directly in front of the promenade. There we moored with our Maya. Contrary to some descriptions in the internet, we found the mooring field in very good condition and the fixation made a very solid impression. Within sight of the mooring field is the island ” Little Bonaire”. This island is uninhabited and a popular destination for day trips (and of course also for diving / snorkeling).
We liked the island Bornaire very much. There are not so many people on the island and everything seems very relaxed. We also felt very safe. There is tourism, but we did not see big hotel complexes, but rather smaller or medium-sized facilities and pensions. This makes the island very charming.