We are now already about 3 weeks on Hao. The island is very laid back and we can stay with our boat in an old marina just outside the village Otepa. When we arrived just 2 other boats were on the island. At times we were the only sailing boat here – just recently another boat joined (arrived from the Marquesas).

Almost all July is “Heiva”. During the Heiva the main place of the Otepa village is decorated nicely and different delicious food is for sale, also artistic performances, in particular the Polynesian dancing, and sports competitions (including javelin throwing and dugout canoe racing) are organized. It really nice to see the Polynesian traditions in action—even-though due to the corona crisis many groups with dancers from other islands can’t come to join the festivities. We are grateful to join the Heiva as guests and feel quite welcome on Hao.